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Why Choose CompassionNit  Moms?

Your time is valuable!  Our service is unlike any other lice removal company.  Two lice professionals will come to you!  Owners, Kathy and Stephanie, will arrive at your home and work side by side providing a QUICKER , safe and effective treatment!

No messy oils or shower caps are used during or after treatment, allowing you to return to your normal schedule.  



CompassionNit Moms guarantees its lice removal and treatment service.  We encourage a one week follow up to ensure that there has been no further exposure and that all the lice and nits were removed the first time.


CompassionNit Moms is a lice removal company that uses non-toxic products which are safe and effective.  Pesticide lice treatment products containing lindane, malathion, pyrethrin and permethrin have been proven to be harmful and ineffective.



We are certified in The Shepherd Method. This method is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice.The Shepherd Method™ utilizes a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. It also incorporates many safety nets  which ensure that the hair has been checked and rechecked, allowing the individual to be treated effectively once and monitored after that.

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